Friday, November 23, 2007

Newsweek article on college assessment

A Newsweek article on...


Standardized Tests in College?

Why U.S. universities are implementing a No Child Left Behind-style accountability program.

Rutgers Debate - Athletic vs. Academic Priorities

Today's Inside Higher edition has an article by Doug Lederman on the debate at Rutgers University over whether or not the athletic program is justified in its planned expansion at a time of reduced budgets elsewhere at the university.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

ESPN Article on USC Football Head Coach Pete Carroll

Author Eric Neel has written a great article on Pete Carroll.

Ricky Rosas - 'SC football special assistant

Shortly after renaming this blog, I had a brief moment where cynical voices of "who are you kidding, sports are games and have no place in education or society" going off in my head. If you know me, of course this voice is the complete opposite of who I am - a great believer (and the product of, in part) in the power of education and sport. However, in one of my current roles, faculty athletic representative at Greenville College, I have plenty of access to the literature of the naysayers.

Anyways, the "voice" lasted about 1.5 seconds and then I read this Bill Plashchke article in the Thanksgiving edition of the Los Angeles Times on USC special assistant Ricky Rosas. As a Trojan football alum, it was great to read...and the way I always see the Trojan football program - a team of great people at a great University.

God built a world, first exemplified by Christ, where serving and love is the way for us to reach our highest potential. This article shows how Coach Pete Carroll reached out and re-shaped Ricky's life. Now Ricky, with his presence, reaches out and touches the Trojan players - reminding them that while they are elite student-athletes, they are also called to serve and love.

Trip to Wheaton for the IHSA Semi-Finals: East St. Louis Senior High vs. Wheaton Warrenville South

These pictures are of the new facilities at Wheaton Warrenville South - just part of the fitness center, the outside of the fieldhouse and the stadium with new fieldturf. The folks at Warrenville did a great job with with this renovation and their football team played like a well conditioned, drilled unit. We need to find a way to get similar facilities to Eastside.

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