Friday, October 11, 2013

Stanford University Head Football Coach David Shaw - Harbaugh he's not - ESPN

Last week (10/4/2013), ESPN Magazine's Molly Knight penned an interesting article on Standford University Head Football Coach David Shaw and his balanced, even keel approach to his career and guiding the Cardinal football program. In a world where coaches with a work-'til-you-drop, win-at-all-costs worldview seem the rule, it is refreshing to see that loyalty to the school and family still can succeed.

Shaw's story is also a great opposing example for athletic directors who think the only alternative in a coach search is hiring a "savior" coach from outside the institution who may know the sport but not necessarily understand the "warp and woof" of the school. Coach Shaw honed his coaching expertise at Stanford and in the NFL and, perhaps most from his father, long-time college and NFL coach, Willie Shaw.

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